Happy New Year

by lexdivinia

I posted a little image on my Facebook account yesterday about the difference between “resolutions” and “change”. Well, I plan to make some changes this year and the first is my health.

I have weight to lose. First – don’t start with the “but you look great like you are” and other very kind expressions that are meant to make me feel better about my appearance. This effort to lose weight does not mean I don’t like the way I look. I am actually rather fond of my sexiness!

This… is about my health. This is about not being able to comfortably bend over to tie my shoes and not being able to maneuver my body in ways I am accustomed to. I miss my flexibility and I want to get back to launching myself over park benches and stone walls with ease.

In this effort, I am going to be rather public with my activities through the use of apps on my phone and by posting on Facebook. I have learned I am an individual that needs accountability to accomplish certain things in my life and this is most obvious when it comes to exercising!

I would be most happy if anyone would like to join me in this pursuit. I’d like people to join me on MyFitnessPal, and if you would like to nudge me to get my ass moving or give praise for any progress I make, it would be greatly appreciated.